A smart way to diminuish fraud, enhance security and digitalize your audience


Too many of your clients are frustrated due to false tickets circulating at your events?

You want to avoid high service fees or charges set by secondary markets?

You encounter bots stealing tickets from real fans?


You want to identify your complete audience at your event?

You want to be able to track your client’s identity when tickets are sold or transferred?

Digitalize Audience

You want to enhance your customer experience?

Take advantage of the benefits of being 100% digital?

Tix’n’go is an easy way to address the above

TIXnGO upgrades security

Creates an open secondary ticketing place

Removes counterfeit tickets and allows purchasers to verify tickets validity

Allows venues to control prices through smart contacts

TIXnGO digitalizes your audience

Align on future baseline usage of 100% digital

Simplify user experience: transfer, give away and resell ticket

  • Ensures the injection of authenticated tickets only
  • Defines transfer/resell rules (smart contract)
  • Allows venues to trace their tickets and spectator identity
  • Variable fees depending on identity and access security desired levels

Fees per injected ticket, paid by the injector (B2B)

  • Authenticates ticket holders
  • Enables tickets transfers to relatives
  • Embeds payment platform to resell tickets
  • Allows to publish ticket on social media for resell
  • Stores and displays tickets

Fees per resold ticket (C2C)

  • Ticket information APIs (venue, date, price, …)
  • Ticket discovery APIs to lists available tickets in the Blockchain

Free of Charge

  • Compatible with existing access control devices
  • Pre-check tickets prior the access control to enhance digital outer perimeter security check thanks to standalone devices (eBeacon) interacting with the TIX’N’PAY mobile app (Bluetooth).
  • Performs the equivalent of a visual ticket & ID control to access the inner perimeter

Included in fee per injected ticket

Your client’s experience is guaranteed: simple, secure, interactive

A new, easy and secure experience for your customers

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