Blockchain Ticketing



Allow your audiences to enhance their digital experience and provide them with an original secured ticket

Allow your audiences to enhance their digital experience and provide them with an original secured ticket


Digitalize Your Audience

  • Align on future baseline usage of 100% digital
  • Simplify user experience : Transfer, give away and resell tickets

Reduce Fraud

  • Creates an open secondary ticketing market place 
  • Removes counterfeit tickets and allows purchasers to verify tickets validity 
  • allow venues to control price through smart contracts 

Ugrade Security

  • Guarantees ticket holders identity 
  • Provides a full ticket traceability 
  • Delivers a multilevel security

How mobile tickets work

TIXnGO Video

A mobile wallet

  • iOS and Android compatible, the mobile application is an enhanced wallet where spectators can securely store, transfer, sell, resell or buy digital tickets.
  • On the event day, spectators present their TIXnGO tickets on their smart phone to enter the event.

A web-based Management Console

  • is a browser-based application hosted by TIXnGO where event organizer can track the tickets and their usage. It provides advanced charts and features to help them managing their tickets and audiences.

A set of APIs

  • The API layer abstracts the blockchain and AI core engines.It provides functionalities on top of it, such as ticket creation/deletion, data privacy, an integrated payment system, identity verification and resell price regulation.
  • The blockchain guarantees security, transparency, immutability and removes the need of a trusted third party.
  • The blockchain allows every ticket exchange to be tracked across both primary and secondary markets and across all actors.

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