The ELCA Group is a leading IT Digital Swiss Integrator (1300 specialists, US$170M turnover). In the past three years, TIXnGO – an ELCA Group Software Solution – has deployed a platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence to ensure the secured delivery of tickets to combat fraud, enforce identity and secure events. By design, this platform is also geared towards delivering secure personal digital certificates, and in particular health certificates using the Health n Go Solution.

Health n Go Secure Wallet Preview
Health n Go Secure Wallet Preview


Repurposing the existing TIXnGO blockchain based technology, Health n Go can securely distribute health certificates at scale and in line with government and corporate needs, if this route is chosen to ease lockdowns. TIXnGO is already proven to be technically effective at scale. In recent times, the platform has used blockchain to securely distribute tickets for major sporting events run by both global and European sports organisations. The Health n Go solution makes the distribution and control of digital health certificates possible whilst guaranteeing the highest degree of traceability, security and identity management. A use case is described here for a hypothetical health certificate.

Health n Go BackOffice


TIXnGO expert in Bluetooth management

4500 different configurations (device brand, device model, OS version) tested in real events
TIXnGO Bluetooth feature used by Hundred of thousands users
Experience with European Wide Events

Solution Characteristics

  • Proven at scale in fraud, security prone environment
  • Ready now, live and implemented.
  • Simplicity, limited change management.
  • Full certificate traceability.
  • GDPR reviewed.
  • Swiss data residency.
  • Artificial Intelligence fraud patterns detection.
  • Remote revocation of certificates.
  • Multi level security, advanced features.
  • Gartner “Referenced” (The Real Business of Blockchain HBR Press, 2019).
  • Analytics and Patient Relationship Management APIs.
  • Identity Management / Security Level Management.

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